Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

At Maham Shargh Group, we take pride in our role as a trusted partner within the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. We specialize in providing advanced solutions for high voltage substations and transmission lines, positioning ourselves as leaders in the field of electrical infrastructure. With years of experience, we have consistently supported this crucial sector, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and reliability in all our endeavors. Our deep expertise in high voltage systems reflects our unwavering dedication to the energy industry, emphasizing precision, innovation, and safety as core values. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by our clients in these sectors, we are committed to delivering superior service that drives their success forward.


Employer: Esfahan Oil Refinery Co.

  • Construction of 230/33 kV substation of Esfahan Oil Refinery Co.
  • Procurement of 2 series of spare parts Hitachi turbine model H25


Employer: Lavan Oil Refining Company

  • Preparation and installation of ionization lightning arresters for gas turbines


Employer: Qeshm Oil and Energy Industries Development Company (OEID)

  • Electrification of processing units of Dehlran oil field by EPC method


Employer: National Oil Engineering and Construction Company (Tehran Oil Refining Company)

  • Installation of the fourth double-burner GTG in the optimization and improvement of product quality in the Shahid Tondgouyan Refinery in the form of PC


Employer: Oil Engineering and Development Company

  • Designing, supply of goods, construction operations, installation and operation of power transmission system in Azadegan oil field


Employer: Persian Gulf Star Oil Company

  • Purchase of a 63.20 KV mobile substation with a capacity of 15 MVA


Employer: Iran National Gas Company

  • Monitoring system of gas stations in South Khorasan province


Employer: Khorasan Razavi Gas Company

  • Purchase of 80 monitoring boards and one related software package and 7 related Audio riser control boards for CNG and CGS stations monitoring project.


Employer: Bandar Imam Petrochemical

  • Design, purchase, installation and operation of 15 66 kV GIS switches


Employer: Shiraz Petrochemical Company

  • Purchase of a set of Hot Gas Path spare parts for Hitachi H-25 turbines


Employer: Mobin Petrochemical Company

  • Construction of 132/20 KV DCS substations of Mobin Petrochemical along with 132 KV cable lines and electrification to Urea and Ammonia II and Zagros II units by EPC method


Employer: Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (Mobin Petrochemical Company)

Development of the power station of the Mobin petrochemical dewatering unit

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