Employer: Abik Cement Company

  • Preparation, construction, loading, transportation and unloading of equipment for 4 lines and 63 kV passage substation of Abek Cement Complex and provision of all building materials, landscaping and foundation equipment for 2 lines and 63 kV passage substation.


Employer: Bojnourd Cement Company

  • Installation and commissioning, and delivery of all 132 kV substation equipment of Siman Bojnord
  • Purchase and delivery of all earthing and lighting equipment for the 132 KV substation of Siman Bojnord
  • Performing oil sampling and analysis services for power, distribution and electrofilter transformers of Bejnord Cement Factory


Employer: Bagheran Cement Company

  • Purchase of equipment, installation and commissioning, engineering services of 132 kV line and substation of Bagheran Cement Company
  • Purchase of electrical and electronic equipment and installation of all medium and low voltages parts, installation of instrumentation and control equipment, cabling and lighting of Bagheran cement plant area.
  • Employer: Zaveh Cement Company
  • Purchase of 132/63 KV substation equipment of Zaveh Torbat cement factory and 132 KV communication line


Employer: West Asia Cement Company (Torbat Jam)

  • Preparation, construction, supply of substation equipment, executive operations, installation, testing and commissioning of 3/6/132 kV substation of West Asia Cement Complex
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