Along with the development of activities, Maham Sharq Group entered this field since 2015 by providing technical knowledge and using equipment power and obtaining the construction license and operation rating of desalination facilities and the certificate of qualification for operation of the treatment plant. Among the group’s activities are the implementation of wastewater treatment plants in industrial and urban areas using UABR anaerobic tank, UABR+ Extended Aeration, UABR+ IEAS, desalination using reverse osmosis and using wastewater in Water reuse cycle mentioned.


Employer: Iran Water Resources Management Company

  • Supply, transportation, installation, training, warranty and after-sales service of the electronic protection system of Sefid Rood Dam and Bijar city.


Employer: Khorasan Razavi Water and Wastewater Company

  • Implementation of the project for the construction of a part of the drinking and sanitary water purification system in Sultanabad city in order to improve the water quality using the PC method


Employer: Persian Gulf Water Supply and Transfer Company

  • Financing, design, procurement and supply of equipment, executive operations of construction of 400 and 132 kV power transmission lines (first part)
  • Preparation and supply of equipment and executive operations for the complete construction of 132 kV communication lines of the Persian Gulf water transmission project (second part)


Employer: Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company

  • Designing, purchasing, installing, commissioning, carrying out all construction works of Key House 230 KV GIS Dam and Simre Power Plant
  • Design, construction and operation of the 63 kV substation of the main pumping station, development of the 63 kV substation of the emergency pumping station, and the construction and operation of the 63 kV line between the two substations.


Employer: Semnan Province Industrial Estates Company

  • Construction and operation of Shahrood Industrial Town’s wastewater treatment plant in full and pilot management of the system


Employer: North Khorasan Province Industrial Estates Company

  • Implementation of the sewage treatment plant project in Shirvan Industrial Town


Employer: Golestan Province Industrial Estates Company

  • Implementation of the plan to upgrade the first module and build the second module of the treatment plant in Gonbad Industrial Town


Employer: Mashhad Municipality Parks and Green Space Organization

  • Construction and operation of the local sewage treatment plant in Bostan Chel Baze, Mashhad, using the MBR method as a BOT


Employer: Iran Alumina Company

  • Installation and operation of a complete package machine (reverse osmosis) with a capacity of 50 tons per hour
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