Nik Andishan Ener Moham Shargh 

In September 2014, as part of the structural reorganization of Moham Shargh Group, the Automation Department, along with its equipment and dedicated personnel, established itself as an independent entity under the umbrella of Moham Shargh Group. This new company, named Nik Andishan Ener Moham Shargh, was formed with a commitment to provide technical and engineering services, aiming to enhance activities and productivity within the electricity industry.

Nik Andishan Maham Sharq Energy Company operates with a focus on specialized areas within the electricity industry, leveraging expert personnel, world-class technologies, and advanced hardware and software infrastructures. Our specialized areas of operation include:

  1. Distribution Network
  2. Autoamtion of high voltage substation
  3. Industrial Automation and instrumental devices
  4. Design and Enfineering services
  5. Presentation of Automassin DCS reference laboratory platform to various industries
  6. Training
  7. Equipment and setup of DCS automation laboratories in transmission, industrial, and educational sectors