East Power Engineering & Communication Engineering Co

East Power Engineering & Communication Engineering Co. 

In 1997, as part of the privatization efforts in the electricity industry, East Power Engineering & Communication Engineering Co. was established. Originating from a group of personnel from Khorasan Regional Electricity Company, our initial focus was on maintenance, repairing, and operating the high-voltage transmission network of Khorasan. Over time, with the growth of our engineering team, financial resources, and commercial capabilities, our services expanded beyond Razavi Khorasan province to cover the entire country

As our expertise and resources grew, so did our range of services. We expanded from operation and maintenance to encompass engineering contracts, equipment supply, installation, and commissioning (EPC) in the construction of substations, high-voltage transmission lines, and power telecommunications infrastructure.

With an increasing number of projects and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers, we further expanded our services to include exporting engineering services to other countries and becoming a general contractor. This expansion led to the establishment of specialized companies in equipment production, trading, engineering, implementation, telecommunications, maintenance, and repairs.

Under the umbrella of Moham Shargh Group, and venturing into the water industry, as well as financing and investing in industrial plans and projects, we have continued to provide services and carry out activities. As we enter our third decade in the industry, we are committed to a “we can” attitude and a problem-solving approach. With our technical and engineering expertise, financial resources, and commercial capabilities, we collaborate with major industries in the country to contribute effectively to industrial growth and prosperity, relying on local capabilities.

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