Native Software Post Automation System (Asas)

With the increasing use of automatic control systems across various industries, our SAS software has become an essential tool, providing undeniable advantages.

Our expert technical staff has designed, implemented, and tested the ASAS (Automated Substation Automation System) software set since 2012. Initially deployed at the 20/132 kV substation in Mashhad Mountain Vector, our software has evolved into advanced versions, now widely used in the electricity industry and other sectors such as city trains.

Our native software is equipped with a range of features including support for all IEC61850 relay brands, implementation of national security requirements, full technical support for Tavanir requirements, and a user-friendly design.

At Moham Sharq Group, we prioritize security considerations at the software level, ensuring stability, redundancy, and backup. Our software also provides event recording, role definition, and authentication features to guarantee the highest level of security.