Power Transmission Facility Maintenance Company 

In 1376, with the aim of privatization in the electricity industry, with the separation of a number of personnel of the Khorasan Regional Electricity Company, the Power Transmission Facility Maintenance Company was established with the aim of maintaining, repairing and operating the high voltage transmission network of Khorasan. With the increase in the number of specialized manpower, engineering team, financial and commercial facilities, activities were expanded from Razavi Khorasan province to the whole country. In this regard, the company’s services expanded from operation and maintenance to engineering contracting, supply of goods and equipment, installation and commissioning (EPC) in the field of construction of substations and high voltage transmission lines as well as power telecommunications.

With the increase in the volume of projects, in order to properly respond to the diverse needs of customers, export engineering services to other countries and become a general contractor, the number of specialized companies with the fields of equipment production, trading, engineering and implementation, telecommunications, maintenance and repairs, and operation increased. . In this way, providing services and carrying out activities under the name of Maham Sharq Group and entering the water industry, the field of financing and investing industrial plans and projects continued.

Maham Shargh Group, at the beginning of its third decade of activity and presence in the industry, now as a starting point for the realization of “we can” and “problem solving approach” with all its technical and engineering, financial and commercial facilities, along with the country’s major industries, plays an effective role in the field of industrial growth and prosperity. It is performed by relying on local capabilities. This group consists of 11 specialized companies with 1100 directly employed personnel and has experience of completing more than 1000 projects in various industries in various contractual methods (BOT, BOO, EPCF, EPC,…) or cash-clearing methods.